Patient Resources

With the growth of the internet, we are overwhelmed by information. Quite often, it is very difficult to know the reliability of the material. That’s why, we have included information from the most trustworthy pediatric associations to help you better care for your child.

Well Visit Schedule

Newborn Follow-Up (1-3 days after discharge from the newborn nursery)
2 Weeks
2 Month
4 Month
6 Month
9 Month
1 Year
15 Month
18 Month
2 Year
30 Month
3 Year
4 Year (Pre-K)
5 Year (Kindergarten)
Annual well visits until 18

Lead and Hemoglobin testing at 1 year and 2 year visits
Vision Screening starts at 3 year visit
Hearing Screening starts at 4 year visit
Autism screening (M-CHAT) at 18 month and 2 year visits

When a child has an illness cannot be anticipated or planned. Therefore, we have reserved multiple appointment slots throughout the day to accommodate these urgent visits. If you need an appointment for a sick visit, please all our office at 910-207-0777.

When the doctor recommends a follow-up visit, it is very important to schedule this appointment when you check-out in the office. Keeping the appointment is of equal importance. When a follow-up visit is missed, your child’s condition could worsen dramatically.

Chronic conditions like asthma, ADHD, chronic abdominal pain and mood disorders (depression, anxiety) require periodic visits to help control symptoms and to monitor for any medication side effects. Routinely, these conditions require visits every 3-6 months depending on symptom severity. In some situations, more frequent re-evaluation visits are required.

Our Vaccine Schedule

We recommend all of the listed vaccines; Vaccines in bold are required by the state of North Carolina; Many colleges require vaccines that are not required by the state

School and Camp Forms

It seems like every place that your child goes or every activity that your child participates in require a form to be completed by the doctor’s office.  We also understand that some of these forms never make it home, get lost at home or get destroyed by spills or scissors.  That’s why we have many of these forms available to you below.  Please print out any forms that need completion. Be sure to complete the parent/guardian sections before coming to the office.  This will help make the process run much smoother.